How to get some Internet for your computer(s).


Eduroam Wifi with an AEI Computer Account : <USERNAME>

Summary : use your AEI computer account USERNAME with appended to it (e.g. and your AEI computer password. Specific details are given below for common operating systems:

Eduroam Wifi with a login from your Home Institution

Your eduroam account should just work without any configuration.

Network Cable Connection


Connect a network cable from your computer/device to a network port in an office. Ports labelled "vlan 10" are very likely to work, or you can simply try each network port in your office. Network cables are available from IT Support Services.


For a network cable connection in your office please send an email to with the following information in it::

Wifi : open access


  1. The public accessible Wifi in Potsdam-Golm is called "MPIGUEST",
  2. and the passphrase for the encrypted connection can be accessed when on site or via VPN.


You can get a short-term ticket for "eduroam" from a secretary or from IT Support.

WiFi/WLAN calling for mobile phones

It is possible to use WiFi networks for phone connections (e.g. when in a building with no telephone signal for your mobile phone, yet you have a Wifi connection), dependent upon your service provider and phone.

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