Wifi/WLAN calling with mobile phones

You have probably noticed that the mobile phone connection (for telephone calls) is very poor within the institute's buildings (Golm and Hannover).

Some providers now offer a service option of "Wifi Calling", sometimes called “WLAN call”, with which your mobile phone can use a Wifi network for phone connections. You can use this with your phone depending upon your service provider, phone model and contract/tariff.

If you want to use Wifi Calling with your private phone, please check with your provider if it is supported and if your phone supports it.

If you have a phone from the institute and want to use Wifi calling, please contact our IT Help-Desk .
In general, Wifi calling is possible with the iPhone6 and newer, however Telekom Twinbill contracts do not allow Wifi calling.
We can check, if your contract and phone fulfill the requirements. If so, we will then add an option to your tariff (no extra costs) and you have to enable Wifi calling in the settings on your phone : a quick search on the Internet will find the instruction for your specific phone. E.g. iPhone: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203032.

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