Contacting IT for Support, Help and Assistance with IT

In general the most effective way to contact IT Support is by E-Mail via (Potsdam) or (Hannover) , during normal daily working-hours.

You can view, create and edit your own IT Support requests (tickets) online at .

Potsdam-Golm IT Support

Hannover IT Support

Websites Support (Web-Team)

IT News via RocketChat

You can read IT News via our RocketChat channel (useful if there is an E-Mail service outage).

Really Urgent IT Support during "normal" working hours

For very urgent and important IT issues/problems when a reply was not forthcoming in a timely manner (during normal working hours).

Weekend Support for IT Services (also Bridge days)

The aim is to fix problems with our IT services (e.g. email) if/when they occur on weekends or bridge days during normal daily working-hours. For very urgent and important IT service outages/problems at the weekends.

Contacting Specific IT Staff

You can contact specific IT staff during normal daily working-hours via E-Mail, Telephone, Chat or Zoom: List of IT Staff.

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