Purchasing : Getting a Computer/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet/etc.

In general, you will be provided with the appropriate computer(s) and IT equipment that you need for your work here.

Laptops (and other IT equipment) can be ordered early, before people arrive to work at our institute. And we hold a small stock of the most common laptops that are ordered.

Lower value items such as: External Disks, Mice, Keyboards, USB drives, WebCams, Laptop Hubs, Cables, etc.

Lower value commodity items are available from IT Support , such as external storage disks, standard screens, mice, keyboards, USB drives, WebCams, laptop hubs, cables, connectors, etc.

How to get a computer(s)

The options for getting a computer for work use are:

New Laptops

In general we will do our best to purchase the laptop you need for your work, based upon your specification. Some laptops take longer to arrive, after ordering, than do others. For example a laptop with an International English layout keyboard typically takes 1 or 2 weeks longer to arrive, as compared to a German keyboard layout laptop. Therefore we have some standard laptops in stock that are available immediately (and we simply purchase a replacement from the appropriate cost centre).

When specifying a new laptop please tell us:

We give an external hard disk with every purchase of a laptop for your personal laptop backup. This is useful for backing up your settings, and work data. Please do use our storage services for your important work data.

Mobile Phones

In the first instance please contact IT Support.


Please contact IT Support about other procurement/purchasing requirements.

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