Synchronisation of Files : NextCloud (dropbox-a-like service)

Please do use our NextCloud service to store your important work data. This is a file synchronisation service. Your files/data are stored on our storage service and local copies are kept synchronised on your various computers/devices. For example your work files on your laptop can be synchronised with those on your computer at home, and on a mobile device that you have (tablet/phone).

Setup NextCloud for the First Time

  1. login to our NextCloud service with your browser at
  2. Create a folder, e.g. MyCloud
  3. to use the synchronisation client on a computer download it : desktop client download (this link will open a new tab/window)
  4. install the Nextcloud client and configure it with:
    • Server Address:
    • Username: your AEI computer account username
    • Password: your AEI computer account password
  5. choose what to sync, such as the folder you created called MyCloud
  6. on your computer there should now be a folder/directory called MyCloud. Files and data you put into this directory/folder will be synchronised
  7. you can install Nextcloud on multiple computers/devices

Sharing Data with People at the AEI

You can share your data in our NextCloud service with other people who have computer accounts here. To manage the sharing of your NextCloud data login using a web browser to Navigate to the folder/directory you want to share and click on the symbol composed of 2 lines and 3 dots :

NextCloud with a Mobile Device (ios/android)

There is a NextCloud App in both the Android Play Store and the Apple Store. Download the app, then point it at and use your AEI login and password.

External Collaboration with NextCloud

We can create NextCloud accounts for your collabotor(s) at your request, if/when write access to shared files/documents is required. External collanorators will be notified that they agree to our IT service security and usage policies.

Migrate from the Owncloud Sync Client to the Nextcloud Sync Client

We switched from Owncloud to Nextcloud for our cloud storage service and you can do the same with your desktop sync client.
For now the Owncloud client still works, but new feature may only be available with the latest Nextcloud client so we recommend that you switch/migrate. There are two ways to migrate:

1. Migrate without keeping your sync folder configuration

  1. Delete the owncloud sync client
  2. Install the nextcloud sync client
  3. Add your sync folders manually via the settings

2. Migrate your sync folder configurtation

If you want to keep your sync folder configuration you have to copy the configuration from the owncloud to the nextcloud installation using the command line.

  1. Stop the owncloud client (quit)
  2. Install the nextcloud sync client
  3. Sart the nextcloud client (if it is not running) and stop the nextcloud client (we have to do this to create the configuration folder)
  4. Copy the configuration file the the nextcloud installation
    1. macOS: Open the terminal and run cp ~/Library/Application\ Support/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg ~/Library/Application\ Support/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg
    2. Linux: Open the terminal and run cp ~/.local/share/data/ownCloud/owncloud.cfg ~/.local/share/data/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg
    3. Windows: Open the command prompt and run copy %LocalAppData%\ownCloud\owncloud.cfg %LocalAppData%\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg
  5. Start up the nextcloud sync client (and likely enter your AEI computer account password), also you may wish to set the NextCloud client to start on system startup (settings, General, Launch on System Startup)
  6. Provide the password and enjoy!
  7. Uninstall the OwnCloud client software (on MacOS if you see an error message when trying to drag the OwnCloud app to the Trash then you can use the Activity Monitor to search for owncloud processes and kill them)

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