Some of our printers can also scan. Check the list of printers for those can also do scanning:

Information about printing.

Scanning to Email

  1. Go to one of the printers that can scan (lists are above)
  2. Sometimes you have to wake up the printer (click on the quarter moon button) and touch "Scanner" on the touchscreen Wake up the printer and choose Scanner
  3. Select Destination from Address book and click on the right side "Search Dest."

    Select Destination

    Search your name

    There you click on "Name" and type your first name. Press OK and click on "Start search". You should see your name. Click on it and then two times "OK".

    Choose your name
    After this click on the green button which lights blue (under the display).

    Press the green button
    You have to choose a sender now. Click on"[00001] Sender Adr." and confirm with OK.

    Choose Sender Address
    Press the green Button again.
    The printer should scan your documents now!
    At the end click on the Home-Button (left of the display).
    NOTE: If you are scanning from the glass, press the # after the last page (to send the email).


    Go to one of the Ricoh Aficio MPC 305 (in 1.25 or 1.61) and insert the USB-Stick on the right side of the screen.

    Insert USB-Stick

    Sometimes you have to wake up the printer (click on the quarter moon button) and click on Scanner.

    Wake up and scan
    Click on the right side on "Send Settings" -> scroll down to page 4 of 5 and choose "Store File" -> click 2x "OK -> press the scan button (under the display) -> Done

    store file

    choose usb stick


    How to scan 2 sided

    Click on the right side the button "1 Sided" and choose then "2 Sided" with the option "Top to Top".

    2 sided

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