VPN Connection to Potsdam-Golm - Windows

  1. external-link-icon Download the openvpn client for Windows (Installer, Windows Vista and later)
  2. Start the setup file and follow the instructions.
  3. Go to the startmenu of windows and start the openvpn client.
    Right-click on the openvpn client icon in the notification area.
  4. Choose from the menu 'Import file...'. Browse to the saved configuration file 'aei.mpg.de.opvn'
    picture 1
    picture 2
  5. (Only Win 10) Copy all other files "ca, username, username.csr, username.key" to 'C:\Users\username\OpenVPN\config\aei.mpg.de'
  6. Right-click again on the openvpn client icon in the notification area and choose 'Connect'
    picture 3
  7. You might need to reload/restart software applications that were trying to access Internet resources before you started your VPN connection : for example if you trying to view a journal paper with a web-browser and it still does not work, then try reloading the page and/or restarting the browser.

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