VPN Access Hannover

Download client (Windows)

  1. Go to ahgate1.aei.uni-hannover.de (this link will open a new tab or window)
  2. Enter your AEI username and password:
  3. click on "Remote Access"
  4. click on "Download" button next to the first entry "Click here to download an installation file which updates all keys and configuration on your system, without re-installing the client software (Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10)."

Installing OpenVPN client

  1. Unpack the installation package (for example by using WinZip), if you have received it as a .ZIP file. Open a file browser and go to the appropriate directory. Launch the file setup.exe from this directory. You should see the installation wizard now. Click on Next to proceed.
  2. When installation process is finished, you are asked to close the installation wizard. Click on Finish to do so.

Connect to AEI Hannover

  1. After the software installation the client is automatically started.
  2. It is important that this software is started as Administrator.
  3. Then the SSL VPN icon will be displayed in your Task bar. A double click on this icon opens the User Authentication dialogue box.
  4. Log in with your UCS account and then start the connection by clicking OK.
  5. The connection status is indicated by the SSL VPN icon: Disconnected, connecting and connected. The Connection dialogue box allows you to monitor the set-up of the connection. The SSL VPN Remote Access can be disconnected by clicking Disconnect.

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