VPN Access Hannover : MacOS

  1. Go to https://ahgate1.aei.uni-hannover.de and log in with your AEI/UCS username and password, then download item 3 under SSL VPN.
  2. The next step is to download Tunnelblick and install it from https://tunnelblick.net/.

  3. Yes, do automatically check for updates.
  4. Yes, you have the configuration files (previously downloaded).
  5. OK
  6. Go to the Download folder and open the downloaded "config" folder. There you can find the config files (*.ovpn, *.key, *.cert)
  7. Double Click on *.opvn and choose "Only Me"
  8. Click on the Tunnelblick graphic icon on the top bar :
  9. Choose "Connect *@ahgate1.aei.uni-uni-hannover.de" and type your username and password

  10. Now your VPN connection is established
  11. If you have problems with a stable connection, change OpenVPN version to OpenSSL (2.3.8 - OpenSSL v1.0.2) instead LibreSSL please.

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