VPN Access Hannover : Linux

Recommended Method via VPN Plugins for Network Manager

1.1 Instal required packages:

(For KDE use the corresponding packages which ends on "...-kde" instead of "...-gnome")

Use your prefered installing method to install following packages:


Restart the Network Manager:

sudo service network-manager restart

1.2 Download and Import the VPN configuration

- access https://ahgate1.aei.uni-hannover.de with your internet browser
- login with your VPN/SSH account
- click on "Remote Access"
- click on "Download" button next to the last entry "Click here to ...SSL VPN on Linux, MacOS X, BSD or Solaris"
- extract and store the files from the archive to a directory you want, make sure that no one else has access to this

- now click on the icon from the Network Manager (normally on the right part of the upper panel) and select "VPN Connections" --> "Configure VPN..."
- in the new window choose "Import" and browse to the directory where the downloaded files are located
- select the "....de.ovpn" file and click on "Open"
- a new window for editing the config will appear, enter your username and password, check if the paths to the files for the "User certificate", "CA Certificate" and "Private Key" match and click "Apply"
- close the "Network Connections" window

1.3 Connect to the AEI

- click on the Network Manager icon again, choose "VPN Connections" and then your VPN profile
- you will be connected to the AEI network automatically
- that's it....you're in

To check if the connection was successful hover over the Network Manager icon with the mouse pointer. A message like "...VPN connection ....active" should appear.
Alternative on a command line enter "ifconfig tun", an overview about the connection details should be displayed.

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