VPN Connection to Potsdam-Golm - Android

  1. Download and install the "OpenVPN Connect" app from the App Store
  2. If you have not already done so, please download our OpenVPN configuration from apps.aei.mpg.de and save it (e.g. to the Downloads folder)
  3. Download and install "OpenVPN Connect" from the play store
  4. Start the "OopenVPN Connect" app and select "OVPN Profile Connect with .ovpn file". Find the configuration file you downloaded previously and select it. Give your AEI user account login and password and then connect.
  5. You might need to reload/restart software applications that were trying to access Internet resources before you started your VPN connection : for example if you were trying to view a journal paper with a web-browser and it still does not work, then try reloading the page and/or restarting the browser.

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