Remote Access including to Journals, VPN and ssh

VPN : network access and for journals

You can vpn to the computer network in Hannover or Potsdam-Golm.

VPN to Hannover

VPN to Potsdam-Golm

ssh Access

You can ssh to computers on both our Hannover and Potsdam-Golm computer networks (LANs).

ssh to Hannover

ssh OR ssh -p2221

ssh to Potsdam-Golm

ssh OR ssh -p2221

(ssh is available on both ports 22 and 2221 to help you get around firewalls).
USERNAME is your AEI computer account username. E.g. ssh

Journal Access

Most journals can be accessed directly when being on the AEI network (or using VPN to do so as described above). However, some journals remain unaccessible as the MPS does not have subscription for them.
In these cases it might be worth trying to access them via Hannover University's (LUH) library TIB. The TIB is the largest science and technology library in the world, so your chances to find what you are looking for there are usually quite good. All Hannover employees of the AEI are eligible to get a staff badge for the LUH, and a library card for the TIB. The TIB's web services can be accessed from AEI Hannover network without any restrictions.

Examples of journals that cannot be accessed via MPS subscription but work well via TIB include

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