Printing with Linux

Printing in Potsdam-Golm

Our printers are published using Bonjour so adding a printer may "just work". On your Linux computer try adding a printer and if you are presented with a list of printers that's great. If not then please try the instructions below:

Open the command window (terminal) and find the file "./.cups/" in your home directory. If the directory ".cups" does not exist, please create it using: mkdir ~/.cups. Open the directory and create the file "client.conf" using the command "nano client.conf".
Insert ServerName into this file.

Chosing a printer as follows.
Open "System Settings" and "Printers". Find your desired printer in the list. If not, you may find it via "Add Printer".

Printing in Hannover

Create a file called "client.conf" in the directory "./.cups/" in your home directory with this content:
If the directory ".cups" does not exist, please create the directory : mkdir ~/.cups/ and then create the file "client.conf" as above.

Problem solving

I get the error code "Unable to locate printer" when I want to print something:

I cannot see other printers (e.g. home printers) that I have configured:

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