Contacts with Thunderbird and CardDav : Global Address Book of AEI people with SOGo Connector

  1. Download the "CardBook Addon"
  2. (with MacOS : Tools Menu, Add-ons, lhs : Extensions, drop-down-menu button to the left of search box, Install Add-on from file)
  3. Open the Thunderbird Addressbook and go to "File" -> "New" -> "Remote Address Book"
  4. Then enter the following information:
    • Description: whatever text you like, e.g. AEI global addressbook
    • URL:
    • Check the approptiate settings (e.g. turn off the notifications):

      Click on "OK"
  5. Right-click on the calendar you just created an click on "Synchronize"
  6. Enter your AEI credentials:
    • Username: your AEI computer user name
    • Password: your AEI computer account password

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