Video/Web conferencing

There are many free services that can be used for web/video chat, such as Google Hangouts, Teamspeak, Facetime, Skype and the free versions of Zoom and WebEx. In general when using these 3rd party services please turn them off when you are not using them and do NOT use your AEI computer account password for them.

Videoconferencing with Zoom

We have a video-conferencing service called Zoom which provides the following functionality: application sharing, screen sharing, recording, up to 300 simultaneous connections and International dial-in with toll-free numbers.


Rocket.Chat for messaging.

Video Conferencing with BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton for video-conferencing and online semianrs/lectures.

Commodity Hardware for Video/Web Conferencing

You can get microphones, webcams, speakers and headsets from IT Support in Hannover or Golm. Please do ask.

General Advice

The audio is the most important aspect of a video conference. And audio is primarily affected by the room, number of people and microphone (even built-in laptop speakers tend to be good enough). A large seminar room with two people in it using a laptop is one of the worst situations. Why? There will be lots of echo because of the large amount of sound reflective surface (walls, tables) and the lack of sound absorbing objects such as people and soft furnishings (e.g. curtains, carpet). And not using an echo-cancelling microphone.
For one-to-one a headset is going to work very well. For a small group of people use an office or small seminar room together with an echo-cancelling microphone (from IT Support). For a large number of people a microphone system will be needed - please ask IT Support.

Specialist Equipment Available

In both Hannover and Potsdam the IT Department has specialist equipment available for video conferencing including microphone systems for larger rooms and cameras that can record chalk-boarding.

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