Collaboration : Video/Web conferencing

Web/Video Chat

There are many free services that can be used for web/video chat, such as Google Hangouts, Skype and the free version of WebEx. In general when using these 3rd party services please turn them off when you are not using them and do NOT use your AEI computer account password for them.

Commodity Hardware for Video/Web Conferencing

You can get webcams, speakers and headsets from IT Support in Hannover or Golm. Please do ask.

Video Conferencing with Zoom

We have a new video conferencing service called Zoom which provides the following functionality: application sharing, screen sharing, virtual meetings, recording and International dial-in with toll-free numbers.

Round Table Cameras

We have one round-table-camera avalable at each of Hannover and Golm. This camera (microphone and speaker) has a 360 degrees camera and is suitable for small meetings, up to a dozen people, such as interviews. They can be used with Fuze, skype, Google Hangouts, etc. Currently only Windows computers are supported. If you want to use this camera for a meeting please ask IT Support to set it up for you (including a Windows computer to control it).

Documentation and guides for using these cameras.

Rooms and Equipment Available


Seminar schedule and room booking system for Potsdam-Golm.

To reserve a seminar room, please contact one of the secretaries at


To reserve a seminar room, please contact one of the secretaries at

Telephones and Dialing

In Hannover dial 01 to get an outside line, and in Potsdam-Golm dial 0.

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