CalDav with Thunderbird

As of 09.01.2017 this is not easy to setup with thunderbird (as compared to other CalDav client software).

You can "subscribe" to one calendar at a time from your thunderbird software:

  1. First you have to get the caldav URL address to the calendar to which you want to subscribe/connect. Open AEI webmail in a browser and navigate to the Calendar you want to connect to. Click on the settings for the calendar (3 horizontal stripes next to the calendar) and click on "Properties":

    Then you need the CalDAV URL (copy it):
  2. Start the "Thunderbird" application on your computer and then create a new calendar. It is not obvious how to do this. One method is to go to the "File" menu and then select "New" then "Calendar...". Another method is to get Thunderbird to display a Calendar tab (somehow) and then hold down the "ctrl" key while left clicking on the calendar list (left hand side) and then select "New Calendar"
  3. Select "On the Network" and then "Continue".
  4. Select "CalDAV" and paste the CalDAV URL into the "Location" field, and then "Continue":
  5. Type a "Name" for the calendar, choose a colour and then "Continue" and then "Done":

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